Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter 2.2

Cutesy bubble-bursting fun on your Android device


  • Fun to play
  • Cute graphics
  • Lots of levels


  • Nothing original
  • Repetitive
  • Horrible music


Bubble Shooter is yet another clone of the age-old Puzzle Bobble-style arcade game.

The idea of Bubble Shooter is the same as always: fire a bubble and try to hit at least two touching bubbles of the same color to burst them. There are two different game modes in Bubble Shooter: Arcade and Puzzle. In Arcade mode you need to clear all the descending bubbles to continue, while in puzzle mode you need to clear all the static bubbles on a level to progress to the next.

There are more than 300 different levels in Bubble Shooter, so there's plenty to keep you occupied, and it's difficult to put the game down. Bubble Shooter includes special bubbles such as stones, glass, bombs, fire, etc. which serve to add some variety to the gameplay. However, there's very little in its gameplay that sets Bubble Shooter apart from all the hundreds of similar bubble-shooting games we've seen down the years.

Graphically, Bubble Shooter is cute and colorful, though the sickly sweet soundtrack does get annoying after about the fifth level!

Bubble Shooter is a decidely average Puzzle Bobble-style game for Android. It's a lot of fun to play, but brings nothing new to the genre.

Bubble Shooter


Bubble Shooter 2.2

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