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Kyle Juffs
Kyle JuffsUpdated 5 months ago

A classic puzzle game for everyone!

Bubble Shooter is one of the most interesting and fun puzzles or brain-teaser games. With multiple levels and an easy-to-use interface, the game keeps you engaged for a long time. As it goes with puzzles like Dynomite Deluxe and Bubble Birds, Bubble Shooter requires you to shoot colored bubbles on the screen. Once three or more bubbles match, they fall to the bottom of the screen and vanish. In order to complete a level, you need to clear all the bubbles on the screen. As you complete levels, the speed increases, which makes it difficult to shoot all the bubbles before time runs out.

Multiple levels, vibrant colors, and easy-to-use controls!

Bubble Shooter is an easy-to-play and simple puzzle game. While the game feels repetitive after some time, it keeps you engaged with challenging levels and tasks. As such, it takes a good amount of time before you want to move to something else. A highly addictive game, Bubble Shooter comes with colorful and vibrant graphics, engaging gameplay, and a gradually increasing difficulty curve that eases you into an amazing gaming experience.

Bubble Shooter app integrates well with other platforms, including Android and iOS. Considering the popularity of the puzzle game, the developers released Bubble Shooter on multiple platforms. Bubble Shooter game free download for Android, iOS, and Windows, lets you keep the progress synced among these operating systems.

What is the objective of Bubble Shooter?

The objective of the game is to clear the screen of bubbles. Players need to use the PC’s mouse to control the bubbles’ angle. It allows them to increase the chances of making a match and shooting them down. After every few seconds, a new row of bubbles appears on the screen. In case bubbles fill up the entire screen, the game is over and you need to start again.

As mentioned earlier, the speed of the game keeps increasing with each level. This ensures you’re never bored, and every new level feels like a different challenge. While Bubble Shooter unblocked doesn’t come with too many features, it’s still an interesting and addictive game made popular due to vibrant colors, simple interface, and easy-to-use controls.

How to play the game?

With games like Bubble Star and Tumblebugs, you might feel that too much is happening on the screen. That’s not the case with Bubble Shooter! The popular puzzle game comes with simple gameplay, something that you’d only notice in high-rated bust-a-move variety of games.

Since you need to get rid of the bubbles on the screen, it’s important to make matches of 3 or more of the same color to keep shooting. As the speed keeps increasing, it allows you to take up different challenges and angles to progress in the game.

Once you get a match, the group of bubbles disappears. While playing the game, a giant weight keeps pushing the bubbles to the bottom of the screen. In case the bubbles touch the bottom, it’s game over!

Are there multiple levels?

Like similar bubbles game downloads in this category, Bubble Shooter comes with several levels to keep you engaged for hours in one go. As you progress, the levels keep getting more challenging, with plenty of colors on the screen making it difficult to match the bubbles.

It’s worth mentioning that some of the colors can be quite difficult to differentiate from each other, making it tough to find matches. For instance, pink and purple look similar, encouraging you to unnecessarily shoot the wrong bubbles in a group.

Once the speed of the game increases, you also need to concentrate in a much better way. With focus, you’re able to identify matches and shoot the right bubbles to complete levels. Bubble Shooter is an excellent game that keeps you coming back for more.

Needs subtle improvements

While it’s an interesting puzzle game, Bubble Shooter needs some subtle improvements to remain popular among the masses. With tough competition from games like Bubble Bobble Nostalgie and Talking Tom Bubble Shooter, it needs an improvement in the overall structure. Since the game has been set up like a basic arcade game, it doesn’t really mix well with the quick bursts of action and gameplay young gamers are used to these days.

As you keep going through multiple levels of challenging gameplay, Bubble game download requires you to manually save progress. In case you exit the game without saving your progress, you need to start all over again. With extended sessions of gaming, it can be frustrating to lose your progress mistakenly.

In addition to this, there’s some noticeable flickering and lags throughout the game, which undermine the exceptional graphics and presentation. While the bubbles or balls look cute in vibrant colors, it can be hard to focus on the game with occasional and unexpected glitches. Overall, the game doesn’t cause too much trouble, and lets you have a good time without too many interruptions.

Without a doubt, the core game engine is solid and allows you to have a great time with extended gaming sessions. While there are some minor technical issues, Bubble Shooter is still a classic game that allows you to have fun without downloading large-sized files or staying connected to the internet.

If you want a quick burst of satisfying gameplay, Bubble Shooter download won’t disappoint. With some subtle improvements in future updates, the developers will hopefully fix issues and make the game even better. Until then, Bubble Shooter for PC is a great choice to ward off boredom.

The perfect game to have a good time!

With a very simple and straightforward concept, Bubble Shooter game download comes with engaging gameplay, colorful graphics, and multiple levels. Once you start playing the game, it will feel highly addictive, which has made it immensely popular among PC users around the world. In fact, it also integrates well with social channels, including Facebook. While games like Pinball Arcade and Classic Solitaire were earlier used to pass time, Bubble Shooter comes as a great alternative.

The goal is to clean the bubbles off the field. Just point the mouse to where you want the next bubble to go, and if three or more of them came together, they will detonate (the bigger the explosion - the more points you get). If some bubbles are disconnected from the rest, they will explode too (this will give you ten times more points).

The column on the right indicates your shooting success - red balls show the number of misses, blue balls - the misses allowed until another line of bubbles appears on the board. When you shoot out a color, the number of new lines increases; when you clear all bubbles, your score doubles.


  • Fun and exciting
  • Colorful and vibrant graphics
  • Easy to play
  • Multiple levels


  • Gets repetitive after some time

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Bubble Shooter for PC

  • Trial version

  • In English
  • V 1.0.45
  • 3.7

  • Security Status

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